What You Will Learn and Practice

Graphical report shown on paper and a cell phoneWhat I Want You to Do

Complete a progress report memo form that reports on what you have accomplished so far in the course and proposes the tentative grade you should receive for your work in the course up to midterm. Use details and examples from your work logs and writing activities to support your argument.

Why I Want You to Do It

Progress reports are used in the workplace to update coworkers, management, and clients on the work that has been done to date. They give you the chance to tell readers about any unexpected delays, changes to the original plans, and updates to the schedule.

I am asking you for this update to find out how your work in the course is going. This is a chance to check in and make sure you are on track.

Where You Can Find Help

When to Do It

How You Do It

  1. Review your work logs and gather your data. You are conducting primary research on your accomplishments in the course so far. You should find much of what you need in your Weekly Work Log. Consider these questions:
    • What work have you completed so far in the course?
    • If you have taken additional time on any assignments during the first half of the term, have you caught up? Are there still tasks that you need to complete?
    • Which document demonstrates your highest quality work so far? Why?
    • What work demonstrates that you have invested your best effort so far?
    • How have you supported classmates in your Feedback Discussions?
  2. Gather the relevant evidence (e.g., links to examples, quotations or other evidence from your work).
  3. Important! The Progress Report Instructions PDF tells you the information to include in the form. Be sure to use the *.DOCX form (and not the PDF) to write your report.

    Review the Midterm Progress Report Form Instructions.
  4. Download the Midterm Progress Report Form. This form is a template that includes the headings for your memo.
  5. Using the form, write a short progress report in memo format that outlines the following information:
    • what work you have completed
    • what tentative grade you would propose for your work so far
    • what goals you have set for the remainder of the course
  6. Add your responses to the questions in the form in your word processor, following these guidelines:
    • Do not change the wording or format of the headings on the form. I set the headings as a maroon font and your responses as a black font to make the answers easier for me to find quickly.
    • Do not change the organization of the headings on the form.
    • Add as much space as you need under each of the headings.
    • Include graphs, charts, and other visual elements that support your argument, if you desire.
  7. Check your work against these expectations for the progress report. Your progress report should
    • Answer all of the questions clearly and honestly.
    • Be specific and detailed, so that I understand your self-evaluation and the grade you propose.
    • Use layout and design to make your memo clear and easy to read.
  8. Submit your progress report form here by uploading the file or by providing a link to the document on Google Docs.

How to Assess and Track Your Work

You track and grade your own work in this course. Be sure to complete the following tasks:

Work is always marked as either 1 for Complete or 0 for Incomplete: