You can use the online texts, any notes that you have, and the available course pages in Canvas for help as you work on these questions. You can also talk to one another.

Grace Period Reminder

Group Discussions have a three-day grace period since group interactions need to take place in a timely manner. The grace period for this Try-It ends at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

What You Need to Do

Compare the code of ethics for your intended profession to the codes of others in your group. Together, agree to a code of ethics that will guide collaboration on the group activities and major projects in this course.

How This Activity Connects to the Course

The ethical principles you will follow in this course connect directly to all of the group tasks that you will complete in this course. Specifically, for instance, you will include your group’s code of ethics in your group’s work agreement.


Code of Conduct icon with a scale to symbolize weighing decisionsFind the code of ethics for your intended profession. Most disciplines will have several. For example, a quick Google search for “Code of ethics for engineers” presented over 3 million hits. So narrow your search. Instead of engineering, try electrical engineering. Here are some examples:

Once you identify the principles for your field, do the following:

  1. Read the code, looking for principles related to writing and communication.
  2. After you read the code, tell your group members about what you have found in your first post in this Discussion, including this information:

    • Identify your field and the relevant ethical code.
    • Provide a link to your ethical code.
    • Talk about what you found about writing, communication, and collaboration in your field’s ethical code.
    • Propose the aspects of your field’s code of ethics the group should adopt and follow for your group projects. You’re aiming for an interdisciplinary code of ethics, as you likely have different fields represented in your group.
  3. Read the posts from others in your group, noting ways the codes overlap (or don’t).
  4. Interact with your group in additional posts to discuss the different codes of ethics and determine the principles your group will follow as you work collaboratively on activities in this course.
  5. Post a clear statement of your group’s code of ethics at the end of this Discussion so that you can add it to your Teamwork Agreement during Week 7 of the course.


I will mark your participation in this Discussion Complete (or Incomplete) after the end of the Grace Period passes. Allow me several days to read and mark all your posts.